OBA Pack

OBA Pack is a locally owned and operated business. We specialize in supplying fresh produce and providing other food services to grocery and convenient stores, restaurants, schools, nursing homes, hospitals and wholesalers.

Our Products

OBA Pack products are from the farm gate. The collaboration between the farmers and OBA Pack ensures that we are able to produce and supply to the demands of our customers.

Our Onions

We have a variety of onions mostly grown in the north of Ghana providing employment to our Ghanaian farmers.

Our Garlic

OBA Pack's locally grown garlic are firm, fleshy and juicy. Just like our onions and Irish potatoes, they are top of the range.

Our Potatoes

Our onions and Irish potatoes are grown in our hot African climate by our hard-working farmers.

In the Works ...

OBA Pack plans to package other fruits and vegetables in the very near future.

Future Services


Our pre-packaging service makes sales easier by providing clean, presentable, ready to eat products with long-shelf-life on your shelves and stalls.

Freshly cut vegetable

A range of vegetables cut by hand and packed to meet the full range of consumer needs and trends. These products are ready to be used for any purpose.

Fruit @ office

Health at work means a varied, balanced diet. Our simple Fruit@Office options will give your employees extra energy and vitality.

Why Choose OBA Pack?

Always fresh

Freshness is guaranteed by a unique technology and refrigeration chain that is maintained throughout (farm to the shelf).

100% Natural

Our products are 100% natural. Our farmers adopt non-commercial methods in farming..

Super healthy

Being fresh and natural means that you get to enjoy all the health benefits our products have to offer.