We are

OBA Pack

OBA Pack is a locally owned and operated business. We specialize in providing fresh produce and other food services to grocery and convenient stores, restaurants, schools, nursing homes, hospitals and wholesalers.

Ideally situated in Techiman in the Bono East Region of Ghana. The region is renown for its rich agricultural products. OBA Pack works in close collaboration with local farmers all around the country to produce and distributes long-shelf-life fresh products throughout the country.  

Our Approach

OBA Pack hand picks the best products from farm gate, wash, package and deliver to customers. Every effort is made to ensure our products are the best.

Our Farm Gate Approach

OBA Pack works with local farmers from seed sowing to harvesting.

Our products are from all over the country, providing employment to local farmers in all the regions.


Products arrive at our Techiman facility every day from all over Ghana. The refrigeration chain ensures that our fruits and vegetables stay fresh.

Deliveries are carefully monitored to ensure that our fruits and vegetables stay fresh.


Our products are stored at specific temperature in our air-conditions ware houses. Our fruits and vegetables are stored in temperature that suit them.

Taking orders and sales

All our products are available from stock. OBA Pack receives orders from its customers every day by e-mail, fax or telephone.

Our customers may ask at any time for helpful advice from our managers to ensure that the products are of the right quality and price, according to the season and availability.